High School Career Expo
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25-26th of May : The Glen – JHB South

27-28th of July: Forest Hill Shopping Centre – Centurion

24-25th of Aug: Century City Shopping Centre – Cape Town 

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Thank you to PRIDE FACTOR for managing the main stage between 9am and 12 opposite TOYS FOR US & PICK N PAY at lower lever

Thank you for all the extra entertainment at the MAIN court behind the main LIFT

Biodance   will be performing from 12 to 3pm

CT String   Academy will be performing from Friday 4:30 - 5pm Sat from 3pm  to 5pm

Beu  Solance performing on Fri 5-6pm

Teagan de   Marigny Dance Academy  on Friday from 6pm to 7pm & Sat from 5:30 to   7pm

Sound 4 You   performance on Fri 3pm to 4:30pm

Wheuer  Music will be performing before 12:00


"The High School Career Expo” is South Africa’s only national public exhibition that is designed to provide both primary school kids parents looking for the best possible High schools.

Prospective students & High school kids can find out out about careers and find out about tools to succeed in high school and tertiary education and beyond from tertiary information, courses, loans, transportation and accommodation.

All primary and Middle school kids and parents can learn more about the public & private high schools including special programs, extracurricular and admissions criteria

We are dedicated to actively promoting Furthering Education and training in South Africa and providing you with as much information as possible to make the right choices in life. relevant information.

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